April 16 - April 27, 2018

Small Actions Add up to Real Change

Whether you’re an environmental all-star or just beginning to reduce your carbon footprint, the MetLife EcoChallenge is just for you! The 2018 MetLife EcoChallenge gives you the tools and inspiration to reduce your impact on the planet and contribute to a healthy, vibrant, and sustainable future.
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For two weeks, we challenge you to make eco-friendly choices to live a more sustainable lifestyle! Team up with colleagues from around the world and take action to create a healthier planet during the 2017 MetLife EcoChallenge.

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Collective Impact

Our strength is in our numbers

We believe the solution to the planet’s biggest challenges lies in the power of collective action. By taking action in our own lives and inspiring the people around us, each of us contributes to a world of impact.

Come back and check in on April 16 and watch our impact add up.

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